Seychelles Stock Exchange began selling token securities 2 октября, 2021


The Seychelles Stock Exchange (MERJ) contributed to the list of supported assets, becoming the first state platform in the world, which made it.

Later this year, the stock exchange plans to digitize 16% of the Central Bank of its public offer. In parallel, Merj discusses with several companies a question for placing their tokenized shares on its platform.

The Seychelles Stock Exchange uses the Etherifying Blockchain to record property rights in the registry, counting the protocol is the best option for these purposes today.

The brained CB is already available on the platform under the Merj-S ticker and are traded at a price of $ 2.42, with a declared market capitalization of more than $ 21 million.

In the future, the Exchange plans to use blockchain technology to optimize its activities and reduce investors and issuers to issue, registration, distribution, voting.

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