SILVERGATE Bank plans to issue cryptocurrency loans 2 октября, 2021


Silvergate Capital Corporation Holding Company officially announced plans to launch credit products based on cryptocurrency.

As part of the preparation for the upcoming IPO, the Bank filed a request for the registration of new Central Bank to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Among other things, the document says that the provision of loans in digital currency is an attractive opportunity to improve the quality of service and increasing economic performance indicators.

The Bank also indicates a significant demand among existing and potential customers who want to take funds to buy digital currencies.

According to Silvergate, a new service will provide a borrower to ensure as cryptovakivs or US dollars to obtain a significantly larger loan. After that, the Bank calculates the amount of credit line, develops a program to minimize risks and repayment schedule.

The new banking product is planned to be launched at the end of 2019.

Attract institutional investors also intends both Bakkt, a subsidiary of ICE, which in September

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