Sly «Jung» of the USSR with a LED without electricity 26 декабря, 2021


When I took it in my hands, to my shame, I could not determine the brand of the radio. There are no names on the case. The seller at the consignment shop gave an oath of assurance that he was one of the many children’s radio designers in the USSR. Well, how to let go of such beauty, I bought it right there.

The search for a manufacturer on the Internet ended in nothing — well, not a single radio designer is suitable. Here is a search for «children’s pocket receiver of the USSR» turned out to be more successful: in the third dozen pictures I saw a familiar body: yes, it’s

At the Kuibyshev Instrument-Making Plant No. 5
(PO Box B-8169 enterprise) a children’s radio receiver began to be produced in 1974. The company is famous for its products for icebreakers and submarines. With such a focus of production, what name can be given to civilian, and even children’s products? Of course

The radio receiver circuit is assembled on 7 transistors and had good sensitivity. In this receiver, the creators managed to overcome the main disadvantages of children’s radios of those years:

Although the format is not pocket-sized, it turned out to be a radio receiver with excellent characteristics.

In 1976, the Leningrad Electromechanical Plant «Equality» was puzzled by the release of consumer goods (consumer goods). For these purposes, a new workshop was even built. The main products of the enterprise were ship radars, therefore the name for the civilian product was chosen

The radio was pleasing with its excellent appearance and a democratic price of 13 rubles.


Later, the radio receiver circuit was changed and the layout was altered.


Based on the dates on the details, the radio was released in 1989.

The world is full of mysteries and this radio is no exception: in the total mass of radio components in 1989, one capacitor from 1979 was worn in.

This capacitor is the same age as the beginning of the release of the receiver. Where did he run for 10 years? Soldering on the board is factory-interference excluded. Such is the mystery.

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