Sumitomo tires will generate electricity from friction 2 октября, 2021


The Japanese company Sumitomo has developed an experimental tire that generates electricity when the car is moving.

The manufacturer’s engineers collaborated with scientists from the University of Kansai to create a small square of the square shape, which is attached to the inside of the tire and converts friction into electricity. The novelty received the name Energy Harvester (Energy Carlet).

The company explains that any tires are constantly being friction, since their form changes when the car slows down, accelerates, turns and drives along the lying policeman. The designed device converts this energy into electricity.

Electricity generated by Energy Harvester is not enough to power the touch screen and similar devices, or to increase the driving range of the electric vehicle. In this case, the energy collector cannot be removed from one tire and rearranged on another, it should always remain in place. However, this does not speak about his uselessness.

The technology can be used to supply electricity to the tire pressure control system or to develop smart bus that can transmit more information on the car on-board computer. For example, report when they are not aligned or about the problems with the suspension.

Sumitomo is not yet ready for the serial production of new tires, so does not call approximate sales time or cost.

In recent years, automakers and their suppliers are trying to reinstall each part of the car. In addition to tires, new types are being developed.

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