The Bitcoin course rose above $ 11700 against the background of strengthening trade war 2 октября, 2021


On Monday, the Bitcoin price rose again above $ 11,700, not leaving attempts to restore positions lost during the July recession. Traders associate the resumption of growth with the strengthening of political instability.

In the last day, the course

Many traders say that the current lift of the cryptocurrency and gold market is due to the fall in investor confidence in central banks and fate currencies. Concerns are associated with the strengthening of the trade war between the United States and China, which continues to put pressure on the yuan. On Saturday, the Chinese currency fell greatly, reaching a ten-year minimum.

Investors again with optimism look at the closest prospects of the price of Bitcoin, because in a short period he was able to overcome resistance at levels $ 11,000 and $ 11 400. The following frontier is located at $ 11,900.

Against the background of the positive closure of the week and political turmoil, the bulls received a strong incentive to further actions.

Over the past 24 hours, capitalization of the cryprot has increased by $ 20 billion. However, altcoins continue to lag from the leader in terms of growth rates, since they were able to add mainly from 1% to 5%.

During this period, the course of ether (

In addition to public cryptocurrency, the concept of private digital currencies becomes increasingly popular. In addition to the project under discussion

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