The Bitcoin rate fell below $ 10.5 thousand. 2 октября, 2021


Today, the price of Bitcoin again fell below $ 10.5 thousand, approaching the level of psychological support.

During the day, Bitcoin course (

Recent price of prices up to $ 12 325 coincided with

Whatever the reasons for the course of the course, during these two days, Bitcoin significantly passed its position and is on the verge of testing support at $ 10 thousand. At the moment, the candles on the schedule are under 5- and 10-day moving averages, and the value of the relative force index below 50, which indicates the majority of bears in the market

In case of successful protection of the current level and rebound above $ 12 thousand. The downward trend will be broken. Holding a range of $ 10.5-11 thousand. It will also open the opportunity for further recovery.

The cryptomic is known for its high volatility and complexity of forecasting, so investment companies and large funds have intensified

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