The daughter of the Austrian hotel has a hardware cryptocoelek 2 октября, 2021


Youniqx Identity, a subsidiary of the Austrian state typography, released an autonomous hardware wallet for cryptocurrency.

The device called ChainLock is created to help investors abandon vulnerable online services, the use of which is associated with a multitude of threats. According to the developers, the enclosed key generation system has a high degree of protection, so in addition to the user, no one can access them, even employees of the company.

Wallet can be controlled using a computer, but it is protected from unauthorized access via the Internet, Wi-Fi and NFC. Malicious software, such as Cryptolocker, is also not dangerous. Some functions of protection against fraud are similar to those used in the passports of a new format and paper money with a micro on both sides, hologram, patterns notable only in IR and UV lights and other elements.

Chainlock has the shape of an ordinary plastic card, and resistant to heat and water. Youniqx Identity will distribute it through partners in Europe and in Singapore at a price of 60 euros.

Often the loss of funds occur due to improper storage of passwords and the absence of a backup, so we recommend finding about

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