The Financial Regulator of the UK will not control Bitcoins and Ether 2 октября, 2021


The Great Britain’s financial regulation and supervision management reported that digital currencies as Bitcoin and Ether are located outside its competence.

FCA has released an updated version of the cryptocurrency guide in which it clarifies its policy to a new class of assets. In document Bitcoin, Ether and other similar digital currencies are equated with decentralized exchange tokens, so the agency emphasizes that they are not included in the scope of its activities and are outside its competence.

However, FCA will resolve the Security-tokens to some extent, as they consider them as digital assets with special functions that provide the same rights and obligations as promotions or debt instruments.

Under supervision will also be utility-tokens, allowing you to access certain services or services, but only those that perform the role of electronic money.

Both these conditions are distributed on the stelkopins, so some of them will be adjusted.

While the UK methodically forms its policy with respect to a new class of assets, the Indian government plans to introduce hard control over the market and even

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