The largest hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019 2 октября, 2021


In 2019, cryptocurrency exchanges often suffer from not only due to theft of digital money, but also blackmail from hackers. We have created a list of the most ambitious hacks for the current year.

Bitcoin is most often exposed, which is the main goal of attackers — 76% of the total number of hacks. Then there is anonymous cryptocurrency Monero (4%), Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. In total, in the first half of the year, cryptocurrency for the amount of $ 480 million were kidnapped with stock exchanges equivalent to $ 480 million

In May, the most popular platform for trading digital money has undergone

The theft of bitcoins occurred with viruses and phishing traps, thanks to which the security system was used. As a result, hackers hacked the API keys and passed the procedure of two-factor authentication.

For money laundering, fraudsters used chipmixer cryptocurrency mixer. Cryptomixers are services that crush coins into small pieces and mix them with the same small parts of other Mixer customers, after which the amount required for laundering comes to a new wallet.

At Medium, there is even an interview with Bnatov Platon, in which Haccher argues that the rest of the exchanges cooperate with him and agree to pay commissions, unlike Binance. It turns out that under the threat there are personal data to pass the identification of not only the popular Chinese stock exchange, but also others. More specifics about this is not indicated.

In January, stock exchanges were victims

As a result, was «copied» 40000 ETC, but the Exchange managers reimburse damages to customers.

The first months of the new year are always very dangerous for financial organizations, as hackers are activated during the New Year holidays using a universal festive mood.

The Cryptopia security system has seriously suffered from January 14 to January 17, when the hackers managed to bring more than $ 16 million. The attack was so large that the stock exchange was already launched in May and did not resume work anymore. The exchange programmers turned out to be completely powerless before fraudsters and allowed them to carry out operations until January 29. It turned out that the private wallets keys were abducted from one server, and then erased, which gave the opportunity to hackers to get full control over the bills of exchange.

At first, the leaders argued that the abducted funds make up no more than 10% of the capitalization of the exchange, but the further launch of the liquidation process makes it doubt this statement.

Unlike previous examples, Bithumb did not give to hack user accounts, while their own wallets were injured. Approximately $ 20 million was displayed in Ripple and EOS cryptocurrencies.

The case with EOS is also notable for the fact that for hacking hackers did not have to use viruses and phishing facilities — the key from the hot wallet was simply stolen by insiders. The process of conclusion of money was accompanied by 200 transit operations of 90 thousand XRP each.

Other exchanges are becoming endpoints in such cases: Huobi, HitBTC, EXMO and others. It should be noted that the stock exchanges interact with each other and in some cases block the transactions of intruders.

The Australian Exchange has become a victim of hackers in March, which stole 2700 Eth and another 19 other cryptocurrency for an unknown amount. As in the case of Bithumb, part of the transactions to other sites was blocked.

Theft of cryptocurrency with bills exchange is no longer anything new, in contrast to theft of personal data, which has not yet been met often — until 2018 passage

A photograph of a real person with a passport or any other document can be used by fraudsters for a variety of «dark» cases, so we advise you once again to think if the passage of the KYC procedure is really necessary for you.

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