The new 110-ton dump truck never needs to fill or charge 2 октября, 2021


In the Swiss career, a 110-ton electrical dump truck is operating, which should never be charged, because it accumulates enough energy during the descent with the cargo.

The world’s largest electric vehicle is used to transport lime and frozen soil from the mountain side to a cement plant near Bile. However, it stands out not because of its sizes, but thanks to a unique technology of nutrition, which allows it to work continuously without consuming energy from external sources.

The bottom line is that the EDUMPER dump truck is 30 tons by a 13-degree lift and takes 65 tons of ore. Then, when descending down the slope with more than doubled weight, the recuperative braking system of the giant collects enough energy to fully recover the battery charge required for lifting.

Every day, the dump truck makes about 20 trips and for the year produces about 77 MWC of electricity for the year, which saves from 50,000 to 100,000 liters of fuel during this time, compared with a typical diesel analogue.

EDUMPER was developed on the basis of the Komatsu HB 605-7 platform with two-dimensional wheels and body size 9.1×4,34х4.34 m. The electrical dispenser is equipped with a 600 kW battery with a mass of 1982 kg, a motor for 982 kW and can accelerate up to 40 km / h.

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