The «Ocean» radio receiver now fits in such a box 26 декабря, 2021


The dimensions of the box are less than two centimeters even, only 17mm x17mm. It accommodates a full-fledged all-wave radio receiver and, most importantly, with a traditional tuning unit-KPE (variable capacitor).

I have more than once laid out photo reports of alterations of old Soviet radios for the modern VHF range. I also installed an MP3 player from a flash drive or memory card, bluetooth modules many times.

These modules are great for everyone.

Only they have one drawback: they do not have a radio wave tuning knob, as on old radios. The control is carried out by pressing buttons or from the remote control, so the module has to be cut into the case, spoiling the appearance of the old radio receiver.

Modules with a size smaller than the little finger have recently appeared

Alas, their controls are also on the buttons.

Today, having seen the new design of the module, I thought that they are selling an ordinary variable capacitor.

But it turned out that this is an all-wave (SV, HF, VHF) radio receiver on a microboard

In order not to be unfounded, let’s look at the characteristics:

Such is the miracle module. Judging by the additional descriptions, the module was created for manufacturers of pocket radios in order to reduce the electronics to the size of a KPI.

In order to revive the old DV-SV radio receiver, you only need to install this module instead of the native KPE unit (circled in yellow)

This will use the native vernier mechanism to tune the radio. The connection diagram is very simple:

Judging by the reviews of those who bought it, the module has quite good sensitivity in the VHF range. I could not resist, I ordered this module. They promise to deliver in early November. I have a rare radio-designer «Yunost» 1967 — here we will install this module into it.

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