The US Army will equip the armored personnel carriers with laser weapons by 2022 2 октября, 2021


The US Army is developing high-energy lasers for its wheelchair armored cars and plans to create a working prototype by 2022.

The Ministry of Defense concluded contracts for the creation of a directional energy weapon with three contracting companies totaling $ 203 million. In the framework of the project, the military wants to obtain 50 kW lasers and by 2022 to already establish them for four BTRs.

The main task will be the protection of maneuvering brigades from drone, helicopters, rockets, artillery and mortars.

According to Lieutenant-General Neil Turguda, the head of the research division of the army, it’s time to go beyond the demonstrations and transfer the directional energy weapons into the hands of the soldiers on the battlefield to reveal its combat potential.

However, according to last year’s report of the Congress on this topic, laser weapons are still facing serious problems, among which the generation of sufficient capacity, cooling, limited action radius and reduced efficiency in bad weather.

The US military is also interested in the development of an amateur engineer who created in the garage combat

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