The World Bank has rescued $ 33.8 million from the sale of bonds on the blockchain 2 октября, 2021


The World Bank further attracted $ 33.8 million from the sale of bonds issued at the Etheric Blockchain, with a maturity in August 2020.

These are the first bonds created, distributed, transmitted and managed throughout the life cycle using a distributed registry technology. The total World Bank has already issued innovative debt tools for $ 108 million, taking into account last year’s emission.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has developed a platform for digitizing securities and led the second round of sales in conjunction with RBC Capital Markets and TD Securities.

The World Bank believes that innovative experience in capital markets plays a key role in improving the efficiency of the economies of member countries and global stable development.

According to Sophie Gilder, Head of the AI and Blockchard Commbank, technology opens up more opportunities for risk management, so in the future the bank plans to offer new features to improve settlements, storing and complying with regulatory requirements.

Earlier, the World Bank

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