Walmart drones will use blockchain to communicate and coordinate 2 октября, 2021


The world’s largest wholesale and retail network Walmart wants to patent a communication system and coordination of unmanned aerial vehicles based on blockchain technology.

According to the submitted application, the blockchain system will be used to transmit different data between drones, including their identification numbers, height, speed and flight routes, battery charge level and load capacity. Information can be distributed depending on the current Location of the CAP.

Developers indicate that the blockchain register allows you to store information of any format from various media, for example, a large list of commands of different types, navigation data and cards. This allows the use of a single software profile on different drones.

The technology also provides data encryption, which increases the reliability of communication and coordination.

The blockchain is increasingly integrated into the transport system and smart devices. Recently, Commerzbank in conjunction with Daimler has developed

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