Walmart patents his own cryptocurrency 2 октября, 2021


The world’s largest wholesale and retail network Walmart filed a patent application for cryptocurrency attached to the US dollar.

According to the description, the digital currency should help people having limited access to the banking system. In addition, low-income families will be able to access an alternative, less costly means of managing funds in institutions providing the bulk of their daily needs.

The application provides several concepts of the Walmart Stelkin. One option provides for the use of digital currency only in separate stores and partner branches. In others, it is considered the possibility of its widespread use.

Retailer also plans to pay interest to the holders and provide the possibility of free savings and cashing. In addition, the Walmart Token can store the client purchases on the blockchain to offer them discounts and access to loyalty programs.

Other features include the use of biometric identification or restriction of available purchases, for example, for a ban on a cigarette purchase, juvenile alcohol.

Recall that Walmart already uses blockchas

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