What brand of radio clock «Signora Robinson»? 26 декабря, 2021


Wonderful Italian comedy

Miniature radios were not surprising to us. Micro-receivers have been produced in the USSR since 1965

Detailed descriptions of homemade micro-receivers were constantly printed in magazines.

There were also glasses-radio sets (Radio, 1972)

and radio receiver-pen

and even in the bow of the headphones! Lefty-worthy design

Most often, homemade microradios were assembled in a matchbox: easy to assemble and compact in size. If the body of the receiver will wear out over time, it is not a problem to move the radio receiver into a new box.

What amazed us then with Signor Robinson’s radio? First of all, with its loud sound. Miniature speakers of this size were not available in the USSR. Homemade sounded quiet and distorted. Well, and the second question: from what battery is the power supply of the radio receiver made — with such a volume, it should quickly discharge any battery.

There were no Yandex-schmandexes then and we could only envy the Italian radio industry. Now that is a completely different matter, any information can be unearthed, just don’t be lazy.

It turns out that this radio is not made in Italy, but in Hong Kong. Firm

The site of the radio museum claims that the receiver was powered by a single AA battery. I could not find the battery holder in the photo.

The handle on the left is just the battery compartment cover. Most likely there was a «pill» type battery.



The sound quality can be assessed in the video:

With the brand of the radio sorted out. Here is who will tell you the brand of the TV «Signora Robinson»

Look back in

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