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Although the territory is predominantly flat in the USSR, but the people loved the radio with the «mountain» title, making them the most massive in production. Folk love for radio

To understand the advantage of such «middling» of portable equipment, we will spend a small excursion in history.

Since the emergence of broadcasting in the 20s and up to 50s, stationary lamp beauties dominated in the market of radio receivers

Mobile radio receivers were produced, and every year everything is compact and better, but they did not use high demand. For power supply, the radiolamp required two massive batteries: powerful and high voltage on the anode chains.

To carry such gravity was inconvenient, and often change the batteries also ruin.

The situation has changed with the advent of transistors. Compact and economical semiconductor devices first practically spoke the head of engineers is the same prospects for miniaturization of radio receivers !!! Worldwide went fashion on pocket transistor radio receivers.

The miniaturization euphoria passed quickly: the smaller the radio, the worse the sound of his little dynamics. Some of the buyers were ready to accept this disadvantage in favor of compactness, but the other part chose the best sound, even in the body of large sizes. So historically formed two directions for the development of portable radio receivers.

In 1958, the Leningrad Institute of Acoustics (NIIRP them. Popov) conducts a study of various combinations of schemes, speakers and buildings. As a result, the optimal radio scheme for 7 transistors was selected. During the year, a production equipment was created for mass production. In 1959, simultaneously on two radiosports, Voronezh and Leningrad, the production of radio receivers begins

The power supply of radio receivers was carried out from two CBS batteries fixed on the back wall

Curious Fact: Transistor Radio

To meet huge demand for


A year later, in 1964, Radios of Voronezh and Grozny moved to the release of the model

At the end of the 60s, fashion began on the national brands of radio equipment and after the next modernization were released in Grozny

At the beginning of the 70s, the radiation of the radio has again conducted. The buyer has no longer satisfied the low power of the radio amplifier, but a simple replacement to a more powerful amplifier could not be solved the problem. It’s all about the power supply batteries, they need to save. Designers managed to solve this problem with «low blood»: the power of the amplifier rose almost twice with a minor increase in rest current. The receiver received a better speaker of 0.5 GD-31.

The resulting radio, under the brand

In 1975, with the next modernization, the layout of the radio receiver radically changed: all controls and the scale were put on the upper wall. Only speaker remained on the front wall. Due to this, it was possible to noticeably improve the acoustics of the receiver. The model was named

The newly appreciated the car enthusiasts of the country: such a layout makes it easy to place a radio receiver under the «torpedo» -dactually ordinary brackets made of metal strips

And few people bombed the manufacture of stabilizer

9 volts voltage. Then the batteries on the car were with open jumpers and connect to the 5th labor bank did not constitute, and then any choke and smoothing capacitor.

Another interesting fact: On the eve of the Olympiad-80, all the radio receivers were forced to produce with the emblem of the Olympic Games, and this raised the price of 3-5 rubles. For «Alpinist-407» began to cast a special case with the emblem, but the price remained the same.

In 1980, the factories moved to the release of two new models

In 1984, the class of complexity of all receivers increased by one unit and the model began to produce as

The release of these radio receivers continued until the collapse of the USSR. There, for all radio facilities, difficult times came.

There was an attempt to escape into the class of overgrowth radio

In 1993, released a model

Latest in forty years old

The economic situation of one of the flagships of the USSR radio industry, the Voronezh radiosprot, has deteriorated every year and in 2005 the plant went bankrupt.

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