Why was Shpak slipped into bad foreign tape recorders? 26 декабря, 2021


Well, who does not remember this famous: «Everything that I gained by back-breaking labor, nevertheless died: they stole two tape recorders ….» and so on. I think each of us will accurately quote Shpak in part of the list of stolen goods.

According to the concept of the film, the neighbor of engineer Timofeev is a very rich man and his apartment is «full of bowl». Hence the very lucrative profession of dentist. With the requisites, personifying the wealth of the apartment, they decided simply: more imported things.

Here’s what a wealthy Soviet citizen would buy:

carpets, vases, figurines, paintings, antique furniture

As a well-known character said: «all the signs of bourgeois comfort.» To complete the picture and the technique in the apartment must be appropriate: a movie camera is required,

yes, not simple, but foreign:


though there was no foreign TV, we managed to do it with domestic

In contrast, the inventor, engineer Timofeev, was supplied with a modest black-and-white TV.

Ironically, 6 years earlier, this TV personified the wealth of a great Soviet official, comrade Saakhov, in the film «Prisoner of the Caucasus»


Well, we smoothly approached the main characters of the list of stolen goods — foreign tape recorders. The most «squeak» of the early 70s was to get a cassette recorder. In the USSR, they only began to be produced in 1969, and the foreign market was still far from saturation. So

Let’s say right away that cassette recorders of the late 60s differed little in sound quality from dictaphones, so this is far from a music lover’s dream.

However, the coolest cassette player had a significant drawback for the film: according to the script, the tape recorder turns on when Ivan the Terrible sits on it. At the tape recorder

That is why a second tape recorder appeared in the film, a reel-to-reel

The tape recorder is foreign and cool, but with what quality did it reproduce the music? The picture is very sad there. The tape recorder has two speeds: 9.52 cm / s and 4.76 cm / s. At a speed of 9.52 cm / sec, the reproducible frequency band is 120-8000 Hz, and at a lower speed, a pitiful 120-5000 Hz. To be clear, this is practically the speech quality on a wired phone.

For comparison: Soviet portable reel-to-reel tape recorder

The reason for such a low quality of the Japanese is in the most simplified scheme:

Due to this, production costs and sales prices are lower. So the cunning Japanese churned them out in millions, flooding the markets of Europe and America.

It turns out that the honest Soviet worker Shpak, earning a penny with back-breaking work, was deceived by speculators — radishes. They probably ripped off at least a triple price, for a foreign toy with dubious playback quality.

Look back in

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