Why was the pocket radio receivers were luxury? 26 декабря, 2021


Today it is difficult to imagine that these small and pretty receivers with harsh sound were sold on a fantastic price. Few who could afford such a luxury. In order to be clearer, I will say at current prices: 50 thousand rubles cost a medium pocket radio.

The class of miniature receivers, called «Pocket», appeared very late-in the mid-50s. Such miniaturization has become possible due to the invention of a new amplifying device -Transistor.

The theory of semiconductor devices was removed with errors. Attempts to get a working device every time fails. It is not known how much scientists would have spent still spent if it were not for an error when connecting the crystal studied: inattentive

The invention of the new amplifying device was first reported by the military, such were the rules of those years. Military specialists, having studied all the possibilities of the device, gave conclusion: «The transistor of practical value does not represent, and the use is possible perhaps in the hearing aids.» This conclusion helped the transistor to avoid the grid «secret» and the license was sold to the production of civilian radio equipment.

In 1948.

For almost 6 years, it went to create the production of transistors with more or less acceptable characteristics, but no manufacturer wanted to make even experimental samples of equipment on them.

The scheme of the first radio had to be developed by engineers of the manufacturer of transistors- Texas Instruments

For the receiver’s work required a minimum

There was no promised attack demand, although the price for the radio was only slightly higher than the cost:

One good: The emergence of a new product on the sales market spurred large manufacturers to release similar equipment. Almost a year ago, the brainchild of the company appeared on sale

Given the shortcomings of pioneers, radio

Not left aside and another monster of American radio industry- firm


Giant American electric and radio industry

It would seem that eco-unprecedented 50 or 80 bucks, which is so amazing here. For comparison, you can see prices of lamp equipment for those years. The radio receiver is very popular with Americans

Well, if we turn to the dollar inflation calculator, then a completely fantastic picture will open:

The point is not in the greed of manufacturers, but in the high cost of transistors. The cost of manufacturing transistors then was about $ 8, while the radiologist accounted for only one dollar.

The first transistor receivers in other countries were not cheaper. Here is the advertising avenue of the Japanese Sony

European flagship

Circuit decision firstborn

Well, what about the cases in the USSR? Here we can fully proud of our engineers. Although we were late with the release of a transistor radio for two years, but they released a revolutionary model «Satellite» immediately

Radio receiver on seven transistors

The radio was sold at a price of 514 rubles. For comparison: the most massive tube radio of those years,

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