Xiaomi will release a phone with a 108 megapixel camera 3 октября, 2021


Company Xiaomi.

The Chinese manufacturer already tests the ISocell sensor developed by Samsung Electronics, which will capture 12032×9024 points. Such quality is usually expected from semi-professional cameras, and not from a smartphone in your pocket.

So far, Xiaomi and Samsung do not disclose detailed information about new sensors, but it is assumed that the 64 megapixel camera will have better performance with weak lighting, compared with the existing 48 MP analogue.

However, this will not necessarily relate to the model by 108 megapixel. If the sensor is physically larger, then the amount of light falling on each pixel will decrease. As a result, in bright lighting, you can get a phenomenal detail, but in the dark effect will be reverse. Although even the results of use only in good lighting can be a reason for the pride of the owner.

Due to the popularity of compact gadgets, many technological companies begin to offer their own innovative solutions for this market. Recently, IBM has developed a concept

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